Middle Eastern Dance by Deniz

Caravan Workshops is an organization dedicated to the growth of the Middle Eastern Dance community in Dayton, Ohio and Stat-counters.net

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Fort Wayne, Indiana. Caravan Workshops brings events such as workshops, benefit shows, Hafla nights and many other educational and performance opportunities to our area. Through fostering opportunities for interaction between people interested in dance and music from the Middle Eastern countries, we hope to educate and enlighten our community about this beautiful and centuries old art form.

(937) 602-3788 • deniz@caravanworkshops.com

"Deniz is the dancer's dancer. She was a serious student of dance all of her life and she has blossomed into a polished, professional artist. She is a joy to watch. Her choreographies are elaborate, sophisticated and complex. Her artistic eye is impeccable. Her professional and business ethics are beyond reproach. Deniz is extremely respectful to her elders, she is cooperative and supportive of her peers and she is inspiring to her students. I highly recommend her as a teacher, performer, sponsor and workshop instructor."
Artemis Mourat, MA, MSW