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One of the Turkish Belly Dancers in the world, you love his energy.

Angelika Nemeth
Wonderful dancer.

Serpentine Communications
Teacher, writer, historian and one of the best Turkish dancers in the U.S. This site is also the home of Yasmin, a wonderful Egyptian dancer.

Belly Dance Store
love it

Amel Tafsout
She is wonderful to have come teach a workshop it was a wonderful experience for us in Ohio "Watching a performance by Amel Tafsout is a cathartic experience. She dances from the very core of herself. Sensuality is expressed as power and generosity. She has a direct stare, a presence that can come from the true knowledge of herself and her art. She is a unique performer and there is no one else who dances like her." Beatrice Parvin, in Habibi Magazine, Vol.18, No 1, 1999, Santa Barbara, USA

All About Belly Dance
wonderful full of very cool stuff

Turbo Tabla by Karim
KARIM NAGI is a native Egyptian who has lived in the Boston area for over 20 years. Karim performs primarily Arabic, Turkish and Andalusian hand percussion, including the Egyptian Tabla (goblet drum), Riqq (tambourine) and Segat (brass castanets).

Dance for the Soul
A wonderful dancer with a big heart. Check her out.

John Bilezikjian
One of the most wonderful legends of our time.

The Color of Energy Art Gallery
The art of Mike Elsass acrylic on rusted steel. Very Cool

Sharif Wear
Caravanworkshops now has Sharifwear Norhan Sharif belly dance workout clothes and accessories designed by her in this line of clothing she has wonderful skirts, gypsy tops, belly dance workout pants CDs and DVDs and other fun and great accessories.


wonderful dancer

Mohamed Shahin
A wonderful Egyptian performer, choreographer, dance instructor

Eva Cernik
Eva Cernik a beautiful Turkish dancer, historian, choreographer, a dance legend

Faten Munger
Great Egyptian teacher and dancer.I call her the Jewl of the of the Mid-West a must to take from she is a wonderful dancer.

M.E.D. Folk Tours
Folk Tours produces educational and entertaining music and dance events, camps and festivals in the United States and Turkey. They provide guided tours of Turkey with an emphasis on Turkish music and dance, and hold dance workshops worldwide in authentic Turkish, Romany, Middle Eastern and Folkdance.

Nourhan and Yousry Sharif
Great Egyptian teachers.

Amethysts a wonderful belly dancer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania check out her site

Home of Shira a wonderful site with great belly dance info.

Associated Artists of Middle Eastern Dance Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the heart of Danse Orientale beating in all of us.

Magic of Oriental Dance
Official site of Salome. Features belly dance instructor and event directories, discussion board, articles, star interviews, Arabic song lyrics and Belly dance music.

Indiana State Association of Middle Eastern Teachers and Dancers, Inc. I love this site.

Dale Paparaksi
Drummer and great photographer.

Lori Baumgarten
Great Dancer and she has wonderful workshops

Lisa Zahiya
Wonderful dancer

Home of Foamy
What can I say, I love Foamy when I need to put a smile on my face I go check him out.

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